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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ambazonia: We Shall Now Take The War To Cameroun Under International Law, Ayaba Cho Declares

The Dublin Declaration

The Leader of the Ambazonia Governing Council, Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucasaccompanied by members of his executive team meeting in Dublin for the last three days to access their contributions to the revolution have now sent out what they call the “Dublin Declaration” in a short Live Facebook address. They dedicated the declaration to all those on Ground zero.

BaretaNews followed the Live Facebook show and got the following from the Declaration

1. Henceforth, the AGovC has now said it is the policy of the Governing Council to now enter and attack any targets in Cameroun that carries genocidal acts against the people of Ambazonia and this will be done under international law. The AGovC declared that it is now a policy to use all means possible in relation with home partners to see the overthrow of the Cameroun regime system organising these attacks in Ambazonia. By this the AGovC says they have authorised the ADF to act with any friendly government within Cameroun that recognises Ambazonia sovereignty to overthrow this present system

2. The AGovC will use all means within their powers with all international connections to declare the people of Ambazonia as an “Endangered people” that will come with all necessary protection Ambazonians need across the globe to live and exist as a free people.

3. There will be no more space for anyone who will facilitate the presence of Cameroun in Ambazonia- the AGovC reiterates

4. The AGovC will not sit, talk, negotiate with anyone who enable, facilitate the presence of Cameroun in Ambazonia.

The leader of the AGovC ended by saying, they will be in London tomorrow where they will expose more detail plan of what they called the Contenderhood project vis-a-vis the internalisation and targeted diplomacy project. A recognition road map, he says, will be made known.

He said, the report card of the AGovC shall be made public and finally called on Ambazonians to remain steadfast and never compromise for a free homeland. He again declared AMBAZONIA IS FREE because Freedom begins with the mental.

If you must lose, lose with integrity, the leader ended.

Bara Bareta