Thursday, March 28, 2019

Ambazonia: the big anger of Martin Mbarga Nguele

Arrests are needed in Limbe in the southwest, since Sunday, March 24, 2019. They are part of an open investigation.

These are, in fact, massive raids, following the death of a policeman in the city of Limbe. At Mile Four in Limbe, Southwest, dozens of people were arrested by law enforcement on Sunday, a source said.

The objective is to shed light on the death of the police officer whose body was found at midday and determine the exact circumstances of the death.

This massacre too much, brings to not less than 20 police officers, having already died in the context of the English crisis, since 2016 in Cameroon.

This figure pushes the police to commit themselves more to hunt down the "troublemakers", because as Martin Mbarga Nguele, general delegate for national security, said, these policemen were "violently murdered because they defended the republican institutions. .Their spirit of sacrifice and their heroism, will inspire our action in the restoration of public order ".

This figure was communicated yesterday by Martin Mbarga Nguele, the delegate general to the National Security. He presided over the exceptional promotion ceremony and the presentation of epaulettes and decorations to two police officers.