Sunday, March 31, 2019

ALERT: after Eseka, another railway catastrophe is announced

My second open letter to report this situation to the Cameroonian government and the Head of State. Everything starts in 2016, a few months after the ESEKA railway disaster of 21 October of the same year.

Where I received some residents of this hilly area in my radio program in the city of Yaoundé, my guests of the day left ESEKA to take part in my show with a strong message: "Save our tunnels because another Catastrophe arrives with a heavier balance sheet ".

After this broadcast I voluntarily made a letter to the authorities of the company CAMRAIL and I was received by the DG of the time and thanks to him a team was set up to do a descent with the engineers but the continuation of the report remained dead.

I made another letter to the Minister of Transport at the time, I was received by his Railway Directorate and through an elite Nyong and Kelle I was received by the former minister himself the The answer was clear: "Our ministry does not deal with infrastructure, the government engineer is the ministry of public works".

But it must be said in all truth that this file was forwarded to the Ministry of Public Works where an inter-ministerial commission was created until today nothing has been done, no action I made another letter to the Ministry public works signaling the situation I was received and the file remains in studies.

What I want to send as a message is that the time is serious in this tunnel which is surely the only tunnel in the world that is in full flaking (flow) with to support the sheets of 03 m as it is obviously on these images, we ask the government of Cameroon to do something we ask the head of state to act to save lives and to avoid the worst.

Journalist: Simon Dupong