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Monday, March 4, 2019

Adamaoua: Gjamboutou throws into Panic after the murder of a breeder

After the attack of the hostage-takers who caused the death of Adamou Pelelle, the inhabitants caught in fear, seek refuge. 

The locality of Djamboutou located about twenty kilometers from the district of Galim Tignère in the department of Faro and Deo, Adamaoua region becomes gradually ghost since the killing of a great breeder by the kidnappers .

An alarming report that comes after a great breeder Adamou Pelelle was killed at his home on the night of February 15 to 16 despite the existence of a safety device vigilance committee members supervised by the maintenance forces.

"We do not know how these criminals were able to pass the vigilance committee grid to infiltrate the village. And at the same time, these valiant young people are supervised by the elements of law enforcement, "wonders Ibrahima, a retired police official.

It is because armed and unidentified individuals have entered the home of Alhadji Adamou Pelelle in Djamboutou, with the aim of learning to kidnap him. The victim, in his fifties, stood up to his executioners. A resistance that will be fatal because he will be fatally shot in the head with the rifle. A situation that worries the population of the locality, most of which has taken off to find refuge in the districts of the city of Galim-Tignère.

"The information we received is that the bandits broke into our brother's home. He was arrested and then ordered to follow them in the bush to ask for the ransom.The order that the victim did not execute.It was at this moment that the hostage-takers gave him a violent blow to the head with the end of their rifle. The latter died on the spot, "says Mohamadou Hayatou Hamadina, traditional chief of Galim-Tignère.

According to our source, four individuals, alleged assassins of Alhadji Adamou Pelelle are arrested by the elements of the gendarmerie brigade of Galim-Tignère.While waiting to be reassured by the authorities about their safety, the Djambutou populations live far from their land. A fact that indicates that the phenomenon of hostage-taking with ransom demand continues in the region of Adamaoua.