Thursday, March 21, 2019

A priest brutally killed in Ngaoundéré

Father Jean Marius Toussaint Zoumaldé was stabbed in the morning of Wednesday, not far from Notre Dame cathedral of Apostles Ngaoundere.

Police discovered Wednesday the remains of the priest Jean Marius Toussaint Zoumaldé, of the congregation Capucin, lying in a pool of blood. The body of the prelate bore deep wounds in the chest. All things that favored the thesis of murder sustained by both the police and the religious authorities.

An investigation is open, the first elements of which indicate that Jean Marius Toussaint Zoumaldé was killed during an attack.

According to the police, the scene unfolded as the unfortunate man prepared to return to his parish of Baibokoum in Chad, his country of origin. He arrived at Ngaoundéré on March 19th at around 7pm. He then took a room at the Ngaoundere Diocese Procession before leaving for an operation in the city center.

He was not seen until the macabre discovery. His belongings were all found in his room. The body was deposited at the Ngaoundéré Regional Hospital.