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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Yaoundé: this is how Michelle Ndoki was arrested, eyewitness recounts she was arrested with a man, probably her husband

Information on the arrest of the first female vice-president of the Mrc (Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon) and responsible for the activities of the party in Douala I, Michele NDOKI spread in the cottages yesterday as a trail of powder. She was arrested in the South West Region and brought to Douala.A witness tells us the story of his journey.

"I met the car that transported Michèle NDOKI to the descent of the Mutenguene Police School, the vehicle was a Toyota brand ESIR pickup with a dominant white color and a black decoration. It doubled at a very high speed it was around 13h./Michèle NDOKI, dressed in black with a black scarf on her head, was not the only one to be handcuffed, there was another person, also handcuffed, who was probably her husband".

"Six heavily armed policemen guarded them. It was following an incident on the road that I could see Me NDOKI. They wanted to double in 3rd position and a Toyota double cab pickup prevented them.They stopped to threaten the driver of this car it is at this moment that I was able to double them by observing the presence of NDOKI in this pickup of the ESIR. We finally drove together to the junction after the web bridge, they took a right on Beach Boulevard and I went straight to find myself at the roundabout Deido. She was visibly weak and stared into my eyes as if to tell me not to give up. Inform people. I had tears in my eyes, "says the witness.

At the latest news, Michèle NDOKI is currently at the PJ Yaounde.