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Friday, February 8, 2019

US aid cut: here's how Etoudi welcomed the news

The United States has decided to reduce military aid to Cameroon because of human rights violations in the country, including those documented by Amnesty International and other NGOs.

Last year, videos circulated showing Cameroonian soldiers execute civilians, including women and children. These crimes that were documented at the time by human rights organizations would be one of the causes of this decision of the US State Department.

Hans de Marie Heungoup is a political scientist and analyst at International Crisis Group, he talks about Washington's decision.

DW: How big is this US military aid and what is it really about? 

Hans de Marie Heungoup: For the section that is concerned, in terms of reduction of aid, it is about $ 17 million a year, as well as certain formations in which units of the Cameroonian army were supposed to take part in United States.

DW: How was this American announcement welcomed in Cameroon?

Hans de Marie Heungoup: In Cameroon, there are several reactions: there is civil society and human rights organizations that are delighted and satisfied with the US decision - in the sense that they regularly denounce the human rights violations committed by the Cameroonian army.

There is also, the reaction of those who could be described as pro-regime who tend to say that the decision of Washington will have no impact on the capabilities of the Cameroonian army.They believe that if the United States implemented this decision, Cameroon will continue to benefit from the help of Russia and China.

Finally, there is the power - which is a little more rational than its supporters - which perceives a strong signal.

I imagine that the power will take into account to readjust the contract of engagement of the soldiers in the North-West, South-West but also in the Far North region.