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Monday, February 25, 2019

Urgent: a rebel by the MRC militants narrowly avoided in Kondengui

Scuffles between the MRC militants and the CBDD took place on Monday morning in the main courtyard of the Nkondengui Central Prison. At the origin of these clashes the refusal of the prisoners to see their comrade Sylvanus Muttaga placed in isolation.

At last news, the calm returned to the place of detention.

Below is the story of the scene by activist Kand Owalski

What's going on?

EPANDO GABI, Head of the Discipline of Detainees Bureau (CBDD) of the Nkondengui Central Prison has just signed a bulletin for the isolation cell for a MRC activist in the person Tittus Sylvanus Muttaga. The militants of the MRC gathered at the main course to protest against this decision and the CBDD ordered them to disperse but in their refusal the CBDD called the prisoners to beat on the militants of the MRC.

Understanding the so-called isolation cell

This is an unlit cell both during the day and the night built for delinquent prisoners in case of bloodshed or in case of robbery in the prison. NB: before sending a prisoner into solitary confinement, he is chained not like a dog but like a bundle of wood (a chain ties a hand and a foot).

Understanding the decision of the CBDD

Sylvanus Muttaga had the misfortune to establish the list of people who were scammed by the CBDD. Indeed, upon your arrival at the Nkondengui Central Prison, all new detainees are forced to deposit their money at the police station under the pretext that they will be robbed by the former prisoners. This money is then transferred to the CBDD.

The CBDD is also in charge of the dispatching of the new detainees in the various districts of the prison according to the activity and the social rank of each prisoner.

On the contrary, the CBDD uses the list of people who have recorded their money at the police station for dispatching according to the amount and those who did not record money are considered as the poor and sent to Kosovo in quarters 8 and 9. of the greatest offenders.

When an inmate who has recorded the money comes to claim the CBDD, the latter to make him understand that this money was used to transfer it in his good neighborhood is how he holds 30, 50, 70 or 100,000 on money from the inmates before paying off the rest if there is any.And also, it happens that a person having recorded his money then having come to claim it is rather obliged to give more money to the CBDD on the pretext that what he recorded was insufficient for the district where he was sent and if within a deadline set by the CBDD the rest to be completed is not yet handed over to whom it will be sent to Kosovo.

Early this morning Sylvanus Muttaga was summoned by the manager because the latter had received a complaint from an inmate who claims to have seen Sylvanus make a list of people to create an uprising in the prison. Sylvanus Muttaga explained with the director, the latter understood that it was nothing but then nothing about a so-called uprising and Sylvanus Muttaga asked to join his neighborhood.

Only on his return to the neighborhood, he is reminded by the CBDD, which begins by asking him what an Anglophone does among the Bamilekes, then pushes the point by telling him that the true Anglophones who assume are Secessionists and ultimately serves him the note of his outrage in solitary confinement and it is there that all the alerted MRC activists leave their different neighborhoods quickly.

The CBDD has decided to send Sylvanus Muttaga to solitary confinement and the MRC activists say that in this case they send them all to this cell.

The tension is very high right now. We will come back to it.