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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

URGENT: Michel Ndoki has been arrested and taken to Yaounde

Since Tuesday morning, rumors flood the canvas announcing the arrest of the committed activist of the MRC, Michelle Ndoki on the night of Monday in Idenau, a town located in the Southwest region in the department of Fako and would be road to Yaoundé.

Two other sources confirm her arrest but rather on the Minawaou road in the Extreme North region.

Connected to the telephone, no security source dares to pronounce on this subject. For their part, the members of the board of her party the MRC and some members of her family that the editorial camerounWeb also contacted say they have not been informed of her arrest.

After participating in the party's "white march" that led to the arrest of several MRC executives including Maurice Kamto, and fearing for her life, Michelle Ndoki returned to the macchre. From her hiding place she had given an interview to some international media to draw public attention to the threats hanging over her.

We will come back...