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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tribalism: Bamileke priest message to Paul Biya

This is the Reverend Father Jean Jacques OLA BÉBÉ ordained a priest at the Orthodox Catholic Church on August 11, 2007 in Biteng Yaounde.

In the post below, referring to the arrests of several personalities including Maurice KAMTO he challenges the Cameroonian authorities to respect the law while reminding them that they are not spared the fate of those who are in prison today.

He also took the opportunity to appeal to Paul BIYA to leave Cameroon at peace as his predecessor left him.

Read the whole of his post:

So that no one does not know;

I am well the Reverend father Jean Jacques OLA BÉBÉ born July 20, 1982 was edinding native village of the first Prime Minister of Cameroon ANDRE MARIE MBIDA and village of the chief chief of ÉTON named NDJOMO CHRISTOPHE and therefore I do not hide behind a false profile to say what I have to say.

You understand that I am not BAMILÉKÉ but ÉTON 100/100 of father and mother.

I am a priest of the orthodox Catholic Church ordered August 11, 2007 biteng Yaoundé I am communicator having exercised in several private media of the cited political capital Yaoundé Cameroon.

I would like to say it so that nobody does not know it is THE CHURCH which is APOLITICAL but the priest who is first of all a citizen with rights and duties has the right to give his opinion on the subjects including politics that make the news in his country or even elsewhere.

I must say that I am neither from the MRC nor close to a member of this political party nor to any other party, let alone from the CPDM party.

That is why, as a citizen and not a priest, I beg the authorities of my country at least those who still have a bit of humanity in what remains of their human being by telling them this; YOU ARE NOT OBLIGED TO OBTAIN ILLEGAL ORDERS AS NO IS ABOVE THE LAW.

To those who are in power today and who have a hard hand against Mr. KAMTO MAURICE, and COMPAGNIE;

Remember that he was nevertheless Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice in this country I do not speak of his other functions.

Remember that many high state clerks were sitting in your seats yesterday and today are in jail I quote;










And I certainly forget about it.

Without forgetting some in the viewfinder such as EDGARD ALAIN MEBE NGO'O just to name a few.

Remember, then, that for one reason or another you are not spared and I refer you to this sign in the cemetery of the city of mbalmayo, which says and I quote; <> as if to say that one day you too will be like us today (Maccabees).

At the end I say to my father daddy Paul BIYA pardon leaving leave us the country as you there taken by what is serious there are 3 years we did not have as much hatred in the hearts to each other forgiveness.

I am on my knees at this time of the night 01h of the morning is to say the importance of the crying of my heart for my country.


... AMEN ...