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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

This is the reason why Kamto and Co. were taken to Kondengui Prison

After my alert announcing the arrival of the elements of the judicial police in the premises of the GSO where Maurice Kamto and his lieutenants were detained, the procedure of their detention has accelerated. Faced with the refusal of Maurice Kamto and the 100 militants of the MRC refused to sign the documents in the absence of their lawyers, the elements of the PJ returned.

While it is this Wednesday that Maurice Kamto and his lieutenants were to be presented before the Government Commissioner, the Presidency of the Republic has ordered the order not to waste time and immediately close the file if Kamto and his own do not do not profile low by pleading guilty and publicly apologizing to Head of State Paul Biya.

No sooner said than done. Maurice Kamto, Albert Ndzongang and Penda Ekoka were hastily taken out of their cells and were manu militari led to ... Military Court.

It was around 11 pm that the president of the MRC Maurice Kamto was taken before the examining magistrate, a colonel of the Cameroonian army. It was with a martial tone worthy of the sentences pronounced against the military coup that Judge Colonel reread the indictment against Maurice Kamto. He cited inter alia Article 10 of the Military Code, Articles 10, 74, 97, 102, 116, 152, 153, 157, 187, 231, 232, 234 316 and Article 8 of Law No. 1990. / 055 of 18/12/1990 relating to public events and meetings.

In the manner of the Nazi judges of Hitler's time, the only absurd question that the military judge had to put to the international lawyer Maurice Kamto, was: "Are you guilty or not guilty? ". Obviously, the law professor Maurice Kamto who can give law courses to this soldier, was:? I am not guilty ?.

A moment of panic, since the judge had believed that in the face of intimidation, Maurice Kamto was going to kneel to beg the forgiveness and magnanimity of Paul Biya. Challenge Challenge, the military judge announced that he will lock Maurice Kamto at Kondengui Central Prison on Wednesday morning awaiting trial.

For now the file is completely empty. The preliminary inquiry could be opened in one or two weeks. According to the sources of the presidency of the republic, Minister Atanga Nji sent a report to Paul Biya explaining that the imprisonment of Maurice Kamto should allow to break his political career to dirty his criminal record and prevent him from postulate again to the supreme magistracy.

In the same vein, the MRC activists will no longer have the courage to go out to protest, for fear of being imprisoned. Moreover, after neutralizing the Kamto threat inside the country, the Cameroonian government will focus its battle against demonstrations in the diaspora. For example, secret service agents have already been deployed in the United States and Europe to infiltrate the Anti-Sardinards Brigade, and if possible, drug and poison activists and journalists. WE ARE WELL PREPARED AND WAIT FOR IT.

Reporter: Remy Ngono