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Monday, February 11, 2019

The attack of Remy Ngono on Paul Biya, Atanga Nji and Calixte Beyala

From his official Facebook page, the journalist of Cameroonian origin exiled in France, J. Remy Ngono, during a live organized on the night of Monday, January 28, 2019, pronounced on the events that marked the recent weekend in Cameroon. As virulent as ever, this pan-Africanist blasted with extreme energy the excesses of the Cameroonian army and the attitudes of certain political and literary figures of the country.

Barbary, extreme savagery, inhumanity and cruelty, these are the words used by J. Remy Ngono to describe the police violence that has furnished the events of January 26, 2019 in Cameroon. Visibly outraged, the sports consultant of Radio France International (RFI) denounces the non-compliance with the Cameroonian law that prohibits the use of firearms in the context of peaceful demonstrations, except under certain conditions that were not in this case not met, despite the illegal nature of these different marches, not having received the approval of the competent authorities in the matter.

For him, this situation is like the villain squatting at the Ministry of Territorial Administration, the bandit Atanga Nji who defends the macabo he flies with Paul Biya, risking his English brothers. "

As usual, the journalist involved has not missed its main target, President Paul Biya," an old man with madness, schizophrenia and epilepsy intellectual. "The responsibility for all of tension that undermine several regions of Cameroon, the president of Yaoundé, the president of the South, according to Rémy Ngono.

Still in her line of myrrh, the Franco-Cameroonian novelist Calixte Beyala, "the ballistic expert, a woman with a heart of stone. J. Rémy Ngono fiercely opposes it to Me Ndoki Michelle Sonia.

While paying tribute to the lawyer registered at the Cameroon Bar, "you are the embodiment of the perfect woman ... who undressed the thugs, the counterfeiters of the Constitutional Council ... you have entered the story, and even while lying on your hospital bed, you keep this dignity, this height, this presence and this elegance ... you show that you are a heroine ... the mirror of all those women who want change ", he damn damn the novelist.

According to him, Calixte Beyala was put in the shadow of prehistory by Mr. Ndoki Sonia, she "arrived at the end of its period of usefulness see of nullity ... and believes that the ballistics is boiled down to a photocopied plagiarized book". He accuses his positions that he calls selfish, aiming to support his brother from the South.

About the breakages perpetrated in the Cameroonian embassy in France, Rémy Ngono wondered: how did the soldiers of the anti-sardinard brigade go to enter the Cameroonian embassy in France? He points out in passing that the repair work on this consular infrastructure cost more than 10 billion CFA francs for the supposed installation of armored doors and diamond locks. For him, this looting is not more important than the blood of Cameroonians that the state has been paying for far too long.

"Empires are born, grow up, empires always end up perishing ... Do you think it's Paul Biya who will stand against the wind of revolution, against the wind of change?J. Rémy Ngono poses the debate.