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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tensions in Etoudi: Paris 'loose' panic! Paul Biya

Paul Biya, President of Cameroon

It is the entire international press that is scandalized by the racist and anti-Semitic remarks of Cameroonian Minister Jean De Dieu Momo who, in a broadcast on the CRTV state channel, justified the Jewish genocide by Hitler, describing the victims, so the Jewish people of "arrogant".Suddenly, the entire Western press is looking at what is happening in Cameroon and shooting red balls on the Biya diet.

Supported by France, the Yaoundé regime is now abandoned by Paris, which can no longer risk supporting a tribalist, racist and anti-Semitic regime that calls for the murder of the Bamileke by using the holaucoste as an example. The French press, which has often closed its eyes to what is happening in Cameroon, is now unleashed. From the newspaper "Liberation" which is from the left, through all the dailies of the right such as "Le Figaro", the dogs are now released. Here is an analysis of the very big French magazine "L'Express".

By Vincent HUGEUX,

The arrest of the opponent Maurice Kamto shows how much that reign over the country for 36 years remains hostage to its hauntings. The theorem is almost infallible, and can be formulated as follows: every DESPOTE, wherever it sinks, tends to divide the human race into two tribes, the ZELOTES and the CONSPIRATORS. Third way point.

You must choose your side, on pain of being suspected of intelligence with the enemy. Paul Biya, 85 years old, 36 at the helm of Cameroon, embodies this law with a disturbing tenacity.

For the "Omniabsent" nickname that earned him his long and expensive stays in a palace in Lake Geneva, the axiom comes from far. No doubt he was wrought in the fire of anxiety on the night of April 5 to 6, 1984, seventeen months after his accession to the palace, when a squad of factional officers of the Presidential Guard tried in vain to to seize power. The coup fails, of course, but he then introduces into the political software of the ex-high school student of Louis-le-Grand the virus of paranoia.

Since then, King Paul I, patriarch silky, cunning and deceptively good man, locks three times the orders of the State, with the assistance of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (DPRK), party to his devotion. Left to strike with the seal of infamy anyone who passes for a virtual rival. His hawk - code name of the anti-corruption operation launched in 2006 - will have taken in his greenhouses as many pretenders real or supposed greedy high officials.

The arrest on January 28 in Douala of Maurice Kamto, figurehead of the opposition, enriches the table of hunting. Daredevil ? Boutefeu? Supporter of sedition? Not really. Born in Bafoussam (West), this sixty-year-old jurist spent seven years as Minister Delegate for Justice at the Garde des Sceaux. Better still, his half-morocco was awarded to him in 2004 for service to the nation. In this case, its contribution to the resolution of the confusion of the peninsula Bakassi, thorny dispute that poisoned for decades relations with neighboring Nigeria.

But here it is: the lawyer trained in Yaoundé, Nice and Paris, pay a high price for the four affronts inflicted on the "boss".One, his resignation, in 2011, of the government, pledge of a definitive divorce with the regime. Two, the creation, the following year, of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC). Three, his candidacy for the presidential election of October 2018, offense made to Biya. Four, his refusal to recognize the dubious verdict of the ballot boxes, which officially credited him with 14.2% of the votes against 71.2% for the perpetual outgoing, thus rewarded for a seventh consecutive term.

What do you blame him in high-rise? To have orchestrated not only the "illegal demonstrations" of January 26, but also, at a distance, the sacking of several embassies of the land of indomitable Lions in Europe, notably those of Paris and Berlin. Here he is pursued, among others, for "rebellion", "incitement to insurrection", "disturbance of public order", "association of criminals" and "hostility to the fatherland", a legally Baroque crime. At Paul Biya, the repressive apparatus rakes wide: among the 200 suspects arrested, most members of the staff of the MRC, the rapper Valsero and two journalists guilty of covering a parade. Never before had the power felt the need to embellish opponent No. 1.

Not even in February 2008, when a wave of urban riots made him waver. No doubt the former minister, a son of the seraglio and an avaricious prosecutor of sealed arrangements, appears to be more corrosive than the historical figures of the anti-Biya slingshot. Filigree outcrop, especially on social networks hostile to "Bamileke this Kamto", an infinitely toxic danger: the temptation to stir up the embers of old ethnic antagonisms.

Besieged, torn, fractured, Cameroon vintage 2019 does not need that. The far north of the country remains exposed to the devastating incursions of the Nigerian jihadist sect Boko Haram. While the two English-speaking regions of the West, shaken by a powerful separatist momentum, are bogged down in a conflict with an indecipherable outcome. Since the autumn of 2017, a hidden war has pitted the armed forces and the most radical faction of the rebels of Ambazonia, a fictitious sovereign entity, in the closed forest of the equatorial forest. Which faction storms schools and gendarmeries, when it does not kidnap officials or travelers. In total, the United Nations argues, 4.3 million civilians, or nearly 18% of the population, "need vital assistance".They have no horizon other than fear, flight and distress. A burden that no theorem will ever lighten.