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Monday, February 25, 2019

Sparrowhawk: Mebe Ngo'o banned from leaving home

His home in the Odza neighborhood in Yaounde is reportedly under the surveillance of the Special Operations Group (GSO) police.

Jeune Afrique tells us more about the situation and the state of mind of former Cameroonian minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o, who has been the subject of several requests from the Special Criminal Court (TCS) these days. In its newsstand in Cameroon since February 25, 2019, the journal of Bashir Ben Yahmed presents a man who can not move as in the past.

"Assigned to live in his home, located in the district of Odza, in Yaounde, Mebe Ngo'o is under the surveillance of the police officers of the Special Operation Group, who search each visitor. He was denied the right to visit his village, Nkolfong (South), in mid-February. The former minister recently wrote a letter to Paul Biya to complain about the "persecutions" he is facing. It has remained unanswered, "reads in the article published in the sub-heading" Confidential "of the heading" Projectors ".

In this article entitled "Mebe Ngo'o surrounded on all sides", Jeune Afrique also recalls that Mebe Ngo'o and his wife Bernadette were heard on February 14, 2019 "in at least seven cases". Our colleague indicates that the accounts of the former defense minister have been blocked, that he is "in particular suspected of embezzlement and overbilling in the case of MagForce, named after the French security company headed by Robert Franchetti ".

JA understands that Mebe Ngo'o has also been heard on the affairs of the presidential planes, the renovation of the house of the Douala fighters, the dike Logone, the building of national security, weapons purchases Chinese Poly technologies and the Interregional Coordination Center case. Former relatives or collaborators of Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o were also heard.