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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Sparrowhawk: Mebe Ngo'o banned from leaving Cameroon

Without any evidence of the serious accusations made, the tax collector of the Cameroonian Embassy in France is accused of having withdrawn 7.5 billion FCFA from the Chancery funds on 26 January. The canvas ignites since the rampage of the Cameroonian embassy in Paris.

The tax collector of the institution is accused by many internet users. Once again, this high official who enjoys a certain moral integrity is the victim of the covetousness of each other for the position of tax collector of the Cameroonian Embassy in Paris, a position he has held for more than three years. decades. His enemies are those who want to control the financial resources of the embassy.

Everything is done to have his head. We can then understand why, despite his presence in Cameroon at the time of the facts, Mr. Ketchankeu is accused of being the sponsor of the acts of vandalism that took place at the Embassy of Cameroon in Paris. He is also accused of having financed the election campaign of Maurice Kamto in the 2018 presidential election.

Just as he is accused of having emptied himself of the embassy safe, carrying about 7.5 billion francs that were there during the assault of the anti-sardinards.The amount announced to the public is unrealistic because in this country where electronic banking reigns supreme, the collector could not have such a cash sum in an office.

In the current socio-political context marked by a trend of tribal withdrawal exposes Christophe Ketchankeu to a barely veiled hatred of some compatriots on duty at the embassy and resident in the country. A denunciation had already put CONAC in the hands of the tax collector of the Cameroonian embassy in Paris.Reason for investigation: illicit enrichment collector.

The mission of the National Anti-Corruption Commission led by Garga Haman Adji, whose outspokenness and moral probity are well known, had washed Christophe Ketchankeu from any suspicion. The post of tax collector is very coveted by the embassy and those who aspire to occupy it do not miss an opportunity to vilify its current occupant by affixing all kinds of insults and slanders.

In the war that the anti-sardinards brigade now leads against the institutions of the Republic abroad, there are fishermen in troubled waters who take the opportunity to settle accounts muted. Mr Ketchankeu is in the list of victims.