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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Secret of State: Here's why they swore to have Michelle Ndoki by all means

Until his arrest a little over 24 hours ago, many Cameroonians sought to uncover the mystery of the fury, of the hatred of hate on the part of the agents of the regime (forces of repression, justice, crisis communicators). official and unofficial recruiting both in the media and in some figures with the street) the person Michèle Ndoki.

It was necessary that arises its arrest so that the languages ​​are loosened, letting escape since Tuesday evening, indiscretions whose juxtaposition makes it possible to build the puzzle of a hatred which is wanted mortal. In any democracy.

"In any democracy"? are we tempted to wonder, amazed. Yes, in any democracy, because according to speculations on the motives of the relentlessness against Michele Ndoki that we have taken the trouble to note, those who want to the life of this lady are not even aware that in their hunt for the woman against Michèle Ndoki who wants a stalking to death, they get entangled in obscurantism through antinomic actions with democracy, or even with political practice - simply- here taken in the sense of healthy competition between individuals to access one or more functions that give them the power to serve the community and speak on their behalf.

In fact, this brilliant woman by right (co-laureate in 2015 - while she was an intern trainee - with the Tunisian Yasmine Attia of the prize of the Contest of Francophone Plaidoirie Against the Death Penalty, organized by Ensemble against the Death Penalty (ECPM), the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International Organization of La Francophonie, the International Conference of Bar Associations of the Common Legal Tradition and the National Council of Bars and Law Societies of France) which naively believed -as elsewhere, many Cameroonians, patriotic and peace-loving-that a dictatorship could be transformed into a state of law without having been forced to do so and complied with its rules, had rubbed shoulders with the fires of a power of which it was unaware that In Cameroon, it was the private and exclusive property of a man and of those who formed around him the clan of life gravediggers of the "cradle of [their] common ancestors".

Those who devote more to her a mortal enimity rather do not experience against her the simple adversity reproach her for having as a national of the Littoral ("tribalisation" of the policy obliges) contributed to make the MRC the most in view of the region of the region in general, and in particular of the disputed economic capital, Douala, considered until the presidential election of 2018 as bastions of the ruling party and the main party of the parliamentary opposition, the SDF.

The crime of the lawyer, who reminds Alice Nkom of some decades back, is to have put her oratorical talent at the service of the MRC in her native region to the point of making it a national formation and not the "Bamileke party" or "Bamileke party" to which hate communicators of the ethnocentric regime have always confined this party since the arrival at his head of the much feared Maurice Kamto.

In doing so, it would have worked to make the dust in Douala and the Littoral miserably bite the elites and local barons of the regime who had promised Paul Biya to bring him a victory without appeal.

A humiliation that gave them desires for murder, for the satisfaction of which they conseti to give the green light to the thugs of the police and the army claiming their sociological proximity with the Head of State (and therefore more willing to defend not the republican institutions - it would be - but rather the inalienable privilege to have a president from the great geo-sociological Beti) to celebrate this girl from the Littoral not at all concerned about the "interests" of " his!

Here is the plot of this process of killing Michèle Ndoki by those who have not yet understood that the fight of this lady, more militant fierce defense of the rule of law and human rights than political militant, to Like his comrades including Maurice Kamto himself, the goal is the advent of a Cameroon for all Cameroonians, who will not leave any of its citizens at the side of the road because of its ethnic origins or belonging political or its opinions, as well as conversely, no other will be unduly favored for the same reasons.

Reporter: Ndam Njoya Nzomene