Saturday, February 9, 2019

Revealed: How Kamto was arrested, tortured to Yaoundé

"Concerning the case of Professor Maurice KAMTO and the people with whom he was arrested in Douala on January 28, 2019, at the home of Mr. Albert DZONGANG. At the time of their arrest, around 7:30 pm, the only document that the police presented to them was a search warrant signed by the Public Prosecutor at the Douala NDOKOTI Court of First Instance. Curiously, the said search warrant contains the names of the following persons: KAMTO Maurice, PENDA EKOKA Christian and Albert DZONGANG.

When they were arrested with nearly 80 other people found on the premises, inside and outside this private house, they were deprived of their mobile phones, then taken away, handcuffed to the judicial police of the Littoral (and not the magistrate who signed the search warrant), before being embarked at midnight on a bus that will take the direction of Yaoundé around 2 am, passengers can not comply with any physical function. Note that Professor KAMTO traveled handcuffed, occupying with Mr. PENDA EKOKA, a small seat reserved for one person.

Once in Yaoundé, Professor KAMTO and his traveling companions were taken to the GSO (special operations group) where they are still deprived of their liberty without being notified of any act justifying detention or detention in a place. such as the GSO which is not a place of detention.judicial police unit. It was only on January 30, 2019, after unsuccessful searches and obstructions by the police, that the lawyers thus trained had access to Professor KAMTO and a small number of people detained since 26/01/2019".

Extract from the report of the lawyers on the violations of the rights of persons arrested and deported to Yaounde.

Friends circulate this everywhere tagging the communication services of Western governments. Send in the Facebook and WhatsApp great personalities or close to certain personalities. Targue all human rights organizations or send this to your friends who work there. The president-elect told us that the force is in the head. So let our brains work and he will know that we listen to him and follow him.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt