Sunday, February 10, 2019

Revelation: Joshua Osih and Michel Nintcheu were not kidnapped

The SDF has denied the kidnap of party leaders.

Read the communiqué of Jean Robert Wafo, Minister of Communication of the shadow cabinet of the Social Democratic Front (SDF).

The latter denies the abduction of the two deputies "by masked men".

Information circulates in social networks reporting that the deputies Joshua Osih and Nintcheu Jean Michel respectively 1st National Vice-President of Sdf and Regional President of the Sdf for the Littoral, were abducted in Douala by masked men for an unknown destination.

The SDF denies this rumor completely unfounded and obviously distilled for unacknowledged reasons and obscure which he has no knowledge.

Done in Douala on February 9th, 2019

By Jean Robert Wafo

Minister of shadow cabinet of the sdf in charge of information and the media.