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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Political transition: These are the 7 proposals to Paul Biya to get out of the chaos

Paul Biya Cabinet, Cameroon

"If you are neutral in a situation of injustice, then you have chosen the side of the oppressor." This quote from Desmond tutu must resonate like a bell in the soul of every Cameroonian at these critical moments in our national political life.

How to understand what happens to us?

To understand the current Cameroon, go back to the pre-electoral period, while the electoral body was convened on October 7 by decree signed on July 9 by the President of the Republic, indignation was felt in the Cameroonian political class and especially in the opposition. One wondered then how in a republic like ours, the head of state is the only master of the political game, he names all the members of élécam, the members of the constitutional council and by ricochet, he s' arrogates the power of existence over these organs, which are the key to all elections in Cameroon.

Because of this, he can now rest easy because objectively everything is reunited for his succession. It is also important to note that at no time was Paul Biya ceased to be the President of the Republic of Cameroon during this process, so it was easy for him to be President. a situation that considerably reduces the chances of opponents aspiring to access the supreme judiciary. For how can one understand that a candidate for his own succession can not resign from power even during the election period? How to understand that a candidate in the presidential elections continues to sign decrees announcing the date of the election body, publication of the election results by the Constitutional Council and the date of his own swearing, therefore, always exercising the power during this period.

I always ask the question whether he ceased to be head of state before taking oath? It seems to me that it would be more logical to resign from the presidency, to stand for election and then to take an oath to be the new head of state if we were re-elected because swearing marks the entry into enjoyment of the presidential office in the case of presidential elections. May I be allowed to laugh at all this circus.

Organization and strategy for the sustainability of political power.

In this atypical configuration where all elements of the system are positioned at the right place and at the right time, the political elite plays a vital role in the sustainability of the current governing system and how does this translate? You may have been indignant at the fact that the CPDM candidate did not beat the campaign during this election, that he did not have any plans for a society and even less a good balance sheet to present to Cameroonians. To understand this feat worthy of a Nobel Prize, it is necessary to question the Cameroonian political elite of the CPDM and the tribal management of its illustrious founding president.

How is the deployment and campaign strategy of the CPDM and its candidate going?

This consists of simply sleeping the "Lion King" and deploying each creature of the "King" in his area, in his village so that everyone goes to tell his brothers this: "to vote for the candidate Paul biya is to vote for that the son of the land that I am is kept in business, so if you do not vote my boss in our village, he will take me work ". So this is a speech that many of you have had to listen to during the CPDM campaigns, the state party in Cameroon. This is to say that the tribal vote is his main desire and to achieve it, they use the political elite. We see well that the national base thus could enjoy this party STATE is built around a vote with tribal character because the speech here being to remain in positions of responsibilities of the Republic by having the "creator" by his brothers from the village. Added to this we can also note the absence of a line of demarcation between the State and the party, that's why you will see in this period all the Cameroonian administration absent from the offices because of election campaign to the glory of the founding president and not to the public service. It is therefore clear that the state is at the service of a political party instead of the opposite.

71.28%, this is the figure presented by elecam and validated by the Constitutional Council and that gave rise to cries of joy in the image of GRÉGOIRE MBA MBA, mayor of the city of kribi at the National Assembly, palace the people turned into village palaces by a song in the local language which has attracted the most attention of Cameroonians is "Paul biya ayop ayop". This is the show that summarizes Cameroonian tribalism and that wants a brother of the village celebrate in modo vision the re-election of his MANITOU with 71.28% of votes.

The result of shame

What is 71.28% exactly? Well for those who love mathematics, it's about 2.5 million votes. Knowing that the real population of Cameroon is close to 30 million inhabitants and that for political reasons we are confined to accept the figure of 25 million, because no real result of the general census of the population has ever been communicated in its veracity to Cameroonians. Knowing moreover that the majority population, that is to say entitled to vote is a majority and 55% of the total population according to the studies conducted by the National Institute of Statistics of Cameroon, can be estimated at nearly 14 millions of people the population of voting age. To rejoice in a vote of 2.5 million Cameroonians according to the results of elecam would be unhealthy for our republic and we should cry because there is a serious problem of legitimacy of the winner.

In these conditions described above, tribalisation of the vote, the candidate president deploys a hundred senior party cadres throughout the country through regional commissions, departmental and rural transmit the rallying motto. This hundred or so people constitute the hard core of the party, and therefore of the nation, given their profile in the government apparatus. Thus, the candidate can easily sleep in the shade without being worried because this scene constitutes the folkloric part of the theater, the strategic part consisting essentially of the unilateral nomination of its vallets to the key positions of the electoral process.

The Mafia's salary

After all this, that's why President Paul Biya seems not to work for the interest of his people because logically it does not owe them his re-election, it must on the contrary all to those who have worked to keep him palace, which is why 1000 billion can be easily diverted for projects of common interest and not to be punished, on the contrary, they are rather promoted. That's why you can buy 500,000 computers with the taxpayer's money and deliver about fifty miles without being questioned about it by a public prosecutor. That is why a part of his country can be at war, with all the negative consequences on the lives of his fellow citizens and instead of finding serious answers to that, we are in the perpetual distraction with solutions plasters that prefer rather the squandering of the public fortune through the budgetivores commissions instead of the popular and concrete solutions to definitively solve this crisis.

That is why to be appointed to ministerial positions, it is necessary to sing the praises of MANITOU and stand up against his ethnicity by accusing others of tribalists to the point of making antisemitic remarks on the antennas of the national television whose budget is in majority constituted the audiovisual levy paid by active Cameroonians. This is our value scale in Cameroon today, a country where in the name of politics we can shoot people at close range and say after they are montages, a country where we can stop citizens that the nation has more valiant to deprive them of freedom, a country where people are taken out of wounded hospital beds to be taken to prisons because they dared to walk peacefully. A country where one of his sons is solicited all over the world for his services by other countries but in his country is dragged in the mud in the name of politics.

Cameroon gives the impression of being no longer directed, the actions of its ruling class clearly show that we are in diversion, arrogance, excess of zeal and abuse of power towards our fellow citizens. The Republic is about to give way to the public street, people hold their breath, the environment is overheating.  Strongly that these leaders, who have spent many years in the mysteries of power and have benefited from this Cameroon, can for once work for the interest of the people so that our country avoids what is happening little by little under our eyes.

How to get out?

I therefore propose to Mr Paul Biya the following measures to break this deadlock:

- to define a transitional period of 3 years

- to release immediately all the political prisoners, of the opinions of the prisons and cells of Cameroon.

To undermine an inclusive national dialogue between power, opposition, civil society, opinion leaders of all kinds, the diaspora and the people.

- redesign the electoral system and redo our electoral code in concert with the other legalized parties in the national territory

- organize new presidential elections.

- implement the resolutions resulting from the national dialogue.

May God bless Cameroon.

Reporter: Ulrich Armel