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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Political crisis in Cameroon: Paul Biya pleas Cameroonians

By a short message on his official Facebook and Twitter pages this morning of February 08, 2019, the President of the Republic of Cameroon Paul Biya calls on Internet users to always remember that they are subject to "respect for others and institutions" , whenever they use powers that offer them Internet.

At a time when Cameroon is going through several crises, Paul Biya warns the citizens who regularly use social networks, invites them to the responsibility and the respect of the institutions of the republic, just as the power of Yaoundé speaks more and more of "Drifts" and misinformation on the part of users.

"Whenever in a click, you take these highways of communication that give you a global visibility, you must remember that you are not exempt from civic and moral obligations, such as respect for other and institutions in your country. ", Wrote the head of state Paul Biya.

The President of the Republic is not at his first inquiry about the use of social networks in Cameroon. In a speech to the nation, the head of state already called his "young compatriots" to exploit the opportunities offered by the new technologies of information and communication (NICT) to develop the country. He called then to be "active followers" and to move away from passivity.

This speech was not often taken into account because social networks, better than the street, are today the perfect place to express all the frustrations and discomfort experienced by the Cameroonian people.