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Monday, February 4, 2019

Political chaos in Cameroon, traditional leaders write Biya

Cameroon Traditional Chiefs

They are just 10. The press release relayed by social networks. 10 traditional chiefs who held, last January 29, after a concertation in Bafoussam, to write to the President of the Republic to show him their support at this difficult time through Cameroon.

10 top leaders, including six from the Bamboutos Department, two from the Mifi, one from the Highlands, and one from the Upper Nkam have laid out a statement on behalf of all the western traditional leaders?

What are they saying to HE Paul Biya?

Their majesties have held, through this exit, "to express the position of the traditional chiefs of the West". It comes down to four points.

While reiterating their "unwavering support" to the institutions of the Republics and to the people who embody them, the crowned heads of the Western Region condemn with the Lastly, the barbaric acts that "undermined public order, peace, and social security" during the events of 26 January.

The signatory collective of the Declaration is speaking on behalf of the traditional chiefs who, as we know, are gathered in an organization called the Assembly of Traditional Chiefs of the West. It brings together nearly 500 heads of 1st and 2nd degree.

Where were the others? This is the big question to ask as nobody knows the size of the Assembly. What will happen at the next assembly? In any case, the traditional leaders of the West have, by their political militancy, lost of the coast near their populations. While some are trying to catch up, others are sinking deeper. The next elections will electrocute these.