Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Paul Biya will be swept away in the coming days, 1st vice-president of the MRC says

The 1st vice-president of the MRC promises, among others, the revival of the National Resistance Plan and discusses the reasons for its suspension.

Before your propulsion to the first vice-presidency of the MRC, you were unknown to the general public. Who is Mamadou Mota? 

I am an agronomist, trained at the Faculty of Agronomy and Science of Dschang, promotion 1999-2004. I am a zootechnician, that is to say that I am a specialist in animal production. At the professional level, I was integrated into the Cameroonian civil service which I later abandoned because I was assigned as district delegate in Dschang. That means, you take a general, you assign him to a brigade because you want to silence him. I am an expert in projects, I have piloted several projects, some of them from the European Union, in food security. I am married, I have three children, Christian Protestant confession.

In the absence of Maurice Kamto, imprisoned, you ensure a kind of temporary non formalized. How do you conduct this party? 

I am not acting president of the MRC. I manage current affairs. Mr. Kamto is not deported, he is in Cameroon. The RCM is not an individual, it is a state of mind. You see, the Cameroonian sees the politician as one who is financially very seated, or having a wingspan of 2 meters 15; politics is not that. On a personal level, I can tell you that the management of people's moods punctuates the life of the profession that I have given myself to do all my life. The Cameroon Renaissance Movement is a well-structured and well-organized political party, where every aspect of a development sector is assigned to a specific specialist.

We have a presidium, made up of 04 vice-presidents, and President Kamto, we have secretaries who are good at it. The absence of President Kamto can not make the MRC give up. In any case, for us, President Kamto will be released by all the means we have in our possession. Cameroon is a Republic and, as I like to say, in the Republic there is no impotence.If Mr. Biya tells us that we are in a dictatorship, we give up, you with it. But as long as he tells us that we are in the Republic, we will do everything to free Mr. Kamto. It is not normal that we embellish the opponents.

In public opinion, there are some who think that the RCM has been decapitated.As proof, the demonstrations scheduled for February 02 and 09 were canceled, and we hardly speak of "white marches" anymore ...

It is I who cancels them, because this regime had recruited agents to infiltrate the march and break . It is unacceptable that they call me and ask me not to stand in front of the march because we were ordered to fire. I can not walk, and put people's lives in danger while I'm behind in fear. That, I will not do it. We have postponed the steps, but we are going to walk. If for Biya, stopping Kamto will scare people, or shoot Ms. Ndoki, Celestin Djamen and the other five comrades, he is mistaken.  Besides, we walked to Maroua.Why did not they stop people in Maroua?Go home, leave the affairs of the Bamileke, they said our protesters Maroua. But, until when my dear compatriots are going to instrumentalise Cameroonians on the field of tribalism? I went to school in Dschang. I am married to an English speaking girl from Mambila. What are my children?When one people refuses to build in others, why should they attack another who builds? I am from the Far North region.

I know the house of a single Bulu in the far North, that of Motaze who married our daughter. Why do people, because they want to maintain illegitimate ill-gotten power, want to divide Cameroon? They have already succeeded in the Northwest.But if we francophones accept this situation, it will not be against Kamto, it will be against everyone. The portal of the Cameroonian diaspora of Belgium. Even journalism will suffer. You would not be able to write what you are writing today if you were in North Korea; and that is what is happening today in Cameroon. What we are living in Cameroon is worse than in Korea. How many people in this room have already traveled across Cameroon to understand the reality of the suffering of Cameroonians? Cameroonians suffer from hunger. When you can not walk in your country because you can not afford to give yourself the luxury of knowing your country, it is a major handicap. How many people in this room have 2000 m2 to build a house? We sank very low and that, under our eyes accomplice, perhaps by fear. But, fear consolidates this regime. You've seen the whimsical appointments.

We take a young man who has not managed guards, we bomb him director general of Enam (National School of Administration and Judiciary), and it makes the Cameroonians understand that he has experience. This boy has already managed 2 million FCFA? Be serious !Tribalism is when Cavaye puts 40 of his children in the high administration with fake diplomas. It is when they marry each other to keep us in a state of servitude.They created a tribe of the rich and strong, ready to shoot the poor, those who have no power.

You are from Tokombéré in the Far North, do you have the impression that the people of this locality adhere to the project of renaissance of Cameroon? 

I am a vice-president. It was not a favor that the party did to me. The delegation that came from the Far North, the North, the Adamaoua, was substantial compared to the number of participants in the convention. I can mobilize nearly 20,000 people in my stronghold. If Cavaye used means to send me to Ndop, it was to get away from my political fief. How many votes did the RCM have? What the Rdpc says is that it had more than 1000 votes.These voices come out of where? While we know that everyone fled Kolofata.

In your area, the chiefs have absolute power over the people. How would people be able to go against the slogan of a lamido? 

Chiefs have this power over those who accept it. I can not be subject to a leader who rapes. I tell you, I do not like the chiefdoms of the North as they are. These are chiefdoms that exploit 13-year-old girls. The parents take their 13-year-old daughters and give them to the chiefs to have grace in the eyes of these chiefs. On the human level, it is unacceptable. I say it and I assume: the sultanates are the pillars of the dictatorship of Cameroon. Do you know what's going on in Rey-Bouba? On each bag of corn that you produce, you collect the sum of 1000 FCFA. It's a Republic in a Republic. Why do we have to be quiet about this kind of drift? We parade in the Mayo-Rey, we come tear the cards of all those who marched to say that Baba [lamido, Ed] did not say. Baba who's in a Republic?  Cavaye had 08 polling stations in front of his chieftaincy. He brought in refugees who were hungry and said, "If you vote, I give you your food ration." On the sociological level, on the humanitarian level, it is a very serious offense!

How would the MRC react if in June, the president of the Republic convened the electoral body for the legislative and municipal?

Already, the heist we denounce is not only that of October 7, 2018. There have been hold-ups, and there will be more if nothing is done. There was October 7, there was before. In 1990, Mr. Biya did not win. Are we afraid to say it? At home, it was the SDF (Social Democratic Front) that won.All because we wanted to block the Undp (National Union for Democracy and Progress). And what happened? Mr. Biya flew. If we do nothing, he will continue to fly. But, it's not him anyway. It is the others who are preparing a dynastic succession.It is necessary that the Cameroonian media which still have in them this parcel of justice and equity speak to the Cameroonian people. We are going straight into the wall.

When we are indebted at a rate where Cameroon's insolvency is at stake, it will not only hurt the supporters of the MRC.We must defend our common interest. The promised land is Cameroon. What do we do with this land? We left it in the hands of the bandits. They deserve no respect. They put Cameroon and Cameroonians at the level of primary needs, that is, to eat, drink and sleep. But man must think of self-expression. But, if one gives 1000 Fcfa to a Cameroonian, he vilifies his family. We saw with Momo, who recalls dark points of humanity to be able to get a job. It's absurd and infuriating.

Would you go to the parliamentary and municipal elections if the President of the Republic decided to convene the electorate in the coming months? 

We would go. Do you know why they are arresting President Kamto? This is because where Paul Biya will vote, the MRC will win the municipality. I came to challenge Mr. Biya's diet. If I leave Yaoundé without them stopping me, his satraps and him, then they are cowards. The National Resilience Plan continues. I said it, we will restart it. Prison is made for men. May Mr. Biya, who has not consolidated the tool of his dictatorship, know that prisons must be built because his dictatorship will be swept away in the coming days. We will not leave that. We will walk and he will put us in jail.

The massive membership campaign to the MRC that you have launched at the national level is already bearing fruit?

We recruit every day. This campaign is planned in Yaoundé, Bafoussam, Douala... I will also go to Douala to tell people that we defend our survival. Maybe we will not have it. We no longer live past forty. We keep up for the kids. What we do is for posterity. I assure you, if we do nothing, collectively we will die. If they do not stop me, it's because they're cowardly. The goal of the regime was to stop those we see every day to believe that the RCM is built around them.