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Monday, February 11, 2019

North: Road cutters attack and take the lives of two traders in Rey Bouba

It was Thursday, February 7, 2019 around 19 hours on the axis Grodal-Djamare. They attacked traders returning from the Baikoa periodical market. In the balance sheet of this attack there are two dead and one seriously injured. The attack took place while people were returning from the market.

The first victim is named Tuesday, a Blade, who was passing by carrying his wife with a baby on his back. These armed men stopped him and he refused to stop. They opened fire on him and the bullets hit his wife on the head and he himself was seriously injured. He is currently admitted to Lagdo District Hospital, while his wife has succumbed to this attack. Only the baby was spared.

The second victim is a Mousgoum who lives in Lagdo. This drug vendor nicknamed Alhadji Maikini was returning from the market on his motorcycle. He also fell into this ambush. The cutters directly opened fire on him and shot him on the spot.

The families of these victims are inconsolable and the people are at bay.Insecurity in these areas is growing in intensity. These outlaws sow terror and panic. People move and sleep with fear in the belly without knowing what will happen.

The phenomenon is even more pronounced when peasants collect the money from the sale of cotton. According to sources, these thugs target those who have enough money and kidnap them. To escape them, some are forced to spend nights on the trees.

These phenomena persist despite all the means deployed by the public authorities to combat them.