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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Ndoki's arrest: spokesman to Kamto pronounces!

Like a train of powder, the news of the arrest of the first vice-president of the executive board of women of the MRC, Michelle Ndoki, quickly embraced the canvas.

"We are learning and confirming the arrest of Michèle Ndoki in still obscure conditions, as well as his deportation to a destination not yet clearly determined," Maurice Kamto's spokesperson wrote on social networks.

The lawyer at the bar of Cameroon, according to unofficial sources, was arrested on February 26 at the border of Nigeria by the Cameroonian security forces, before being later taken to the judicial police of Yaoundé. She was according to the same sources; in the company of a man of Canadian nationality who is presented as his companion.

The politician on France 24 told how she was shot in the "white march" of the RCM on January 26, 2019 in Douala. Since that day, she lived secretly and said she feared for her life.