Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Ndoki Arrest: Celestin Bedzigui surprisingly reacted

The arrest of the MRC activist, Michelle Ndoki, on February 26 continues to run ink and saliva. The latest reaction is that of the president of the PAL, Celestin Bedzigui who, in an exit, request the pure and simple release of the latter.

Below the full reaction of Celestin Bedzigui

The arrest of Me Ndocki is a fault from the legal and political point of view. She must be released. Just as all citizens must be released without further trial, I quoted Christian Ekoka, Albert Ndzogang, Valsero, Paul Eric Kingue and all the other activists and sympathizers of the MRC, except Maurice Kamto, initiator of this movement until In the face of justice, he gave the Cameroonians an explanation of the unhealthy drift in which he led those followers who believed they were only exercising a constitutional right by expressing their opinion through a demonstration or remarks.

To release Mr. Ndocki and all the others is necessary because these compatriots must benefit from a presumption of good faith in that the practice, the tradition and the culture of the democracy that since 1991, of all edges, opposition and regime in place we have helped to establish in our country is a shared privilege whose enjoyment can not be denied to them. And even if imperfections remain, it is up to us to preserve what is now a common heritage, namely the exercise of constitutional democratic rights.

I have to claim and claim the preservation of this heritage especially as with other fellow citizens, we have spent tons of energy for years to build it, we have consumed our lives, through phases as dangerous as the "dead cities" in 1991, the boycotts of the elections in 1996 and 1997, to arrive at the establishment of "peaceful democracy". We all together, in peace, opposition and power in place together, without widespread violence even if there were some shards of voice, - contributed to the adoption of the Laws on Public Freedoms in 1990; - laid the groundwork through Tripartite's "package deal", the refoundation of our Constitution, which, despite some unfortunate backlash, has given our country a modern governance framework that still needs improvements to mitigate the very high concentration power ; - removed the MINAT from the exclusive management of the elections to promote through Onel and Elecam subsequently an independent electoral organization; - completed the institutional architecture so the Constitutional Council is the last step.

Given this road traveled and the steps taken by an always peaceful mediation, it can not be understood or be politically acceptable that the tools of the mediation are now the investigations in the judicial police stations and that finally the field of the settlement of the divergences the Military Tribunal. This can not be acceptable, historically, neither legally, nor politically speaking.

Therefore, as stated at the beginning of my remarks, all these citizens must be released, with the exception of Maurice Kamto who after the presidential election of 2018 has brought an appeal to the Constitutional Council thus recognizing de jure his authority for later to place oneself in illegality by refusing "the authority of the res judicata" ... Can one challenge in law a judge who has seized after his decision because it does not suit you?

The serious harm done to the national harmony and the image of Cameroon following these slippages caused by his posture amply justify that before the criminal justice, but not military of our country, he explains it to the Cameroonian people and only be accountable. The Republican and Democracy would come out of it. SM CĂ©lestin Bedzigui Traditional Chef President of the PAL