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Sunday, February 10, 2019

MRC affairs: CRTV journalist asks Biya to release Kamto

Eric Chinje spoke on the television Afrique Media, about the arrest of Maurice Kamto and several executives of the MRC on January 28 in Douala, and later transferred to Yaoundé.

The reactions continue to rain since the arrest of Maurice Kamto, candidate of the MRC officially classified second, but continues to claim his victory after the presidential election of October 2018.

This time, it is Eric Chinje, a another highly respected voice in the opinion of the public. In fact, the former English-language newscast presenter [1984-1991] at CTV, now Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), spoke at the microphone of Afrique média, on the issue now called "MRC business". .

For Eric Chinje, Maurice Kamto must be released "immediately" and "without conditions", a release that he believes should be followed by "a real debate in our country."

The former editor-in-chief of national television was indignant at the fact that people are "trying to tribalize the affair", he recalled to this effect that Maurice Kamto "adores this country, and never summer tribalist".

Regarding the deadly crisis in the North West and South West regions, the English-speaking journalist makes it clear that President Biya has not illustrated himself as a "true playmaker".

"It is not by small statements here and there that this problem will be solved," he said, this before declaring that there are actions to be taken that this president has not still posed.

"President Biya can solve this problem, I speak to" Ambazonians ", and to Anglophones who ask the question every day: why this (dialogue) drag," he concludes.