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Monday, February 11, 2019

Momo case: this is the truth that the government hides from Cameroon

Those who think that Momo Jean De Dieu was dropped by the government did not understand anything. Sadi Emmanuel's statement simply tells the Jews that Momo is speaking on his behalf when it comes to the holocaust and not in the name of the government. And so the words of the current Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice commits him and him alone. Which is normal as positioning because in all governments some ministers make blunders and assume them. This does not necessarily lead to disavowal by the government team.

But, what is important from a point of view of the analysis to be seen is that at no time does the government denounce Momo's remarks against the Bamileke.But Momo used the Holocaust parallel to justify the possibility of a Bamileke genocide. It's just scary what these people are doing.

In easy French: in Cameroon one should not support a genocide of the Jews, but one can support a genocide of Bamileke.

I said it and I repeat it. Momo has just come to tell national television what a band of securocrats are secretly feeding in Cameroon.

There is a state tribalism against Bamileke in Cameroon and this correspondence is the official proof. Anyone who has done critical discourse analysis can explain it to you.

Do not be surprised if a future Momo government is maintained or even promoted. Biya likes this type of character.He is simply in the footsteps of Paul Atanga Nji. Time will tell.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt