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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Maurice Kamto at the Tribunal: here is everything that was said today

Arrived at the military court this Tuesday, February 26, 2018 at 11:30 in the van of the main prison of Yaoundé and under a strong police escort of GPIC, Professor Maurice KAMTO was welcomed by a crowd of activists who came to show their support. Subsequently he will settle in the waiting room of the government commissioner where he will be joined by the group of lawyers led by Me SOUOP.

A few minutes before, his lawyers refused to comply with the requirement of the escort who asked them to get out of their cell phones before accessing their client.The latter will also say that if his lawyers must be deserted from their phones so much ask them to leave and leave him at the mercy of the military judge.

Some time later, without the lawyers having really been able to converse with Professor KAMTO, this one will be introduced to the office of the judge of instruction accompanied by the ten lawyers present. The examining magistrate will begin by referring to the conclusions he has received from the lawyers who decline the jurisdiction of a military tribunal to try a civilian.

After discussions to which Professor KAMTO will contribute, the judge will eventually ask the lawyers to complete their writings by producing the texts cited in the conclusions and tend to base the ban on military courts, by the treaties ratified by Cameroon to try civilians. The hearing will be postponed to a later date that will occur after the production of the exhibits. The lawyers insisted that the investigating judge was seized in writing, he must answer by a decision.