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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Kamto's indictment: this is the strong message Kah Wallah sends to Cameroonians

Kah Walla urges Cameroonians to go out in black in support of the MRC.

The current political situation in Cameroon is worrying. It is in any case what wanted to make understand this day Kah Walla;President of the PCB to the national and international opinion.

During a press conference held Wednesday in Yaounde the leader of the CCP did not go through four ways to disapprove once again the methods of Paul Biya's regime. According to her, by shutting Maurice Kamto, Paul Biya did not draw the consequences of the Anglophone crisis.

"Several MRC activists have been taken to the military court and then to the main kondegui prison pending their condemnation once again the catastrophic decisions of the Biya regime puts our country at risk.

This renewed attempt to eliminate fundamental freedoms and stifle any political thought that is not in line with the regime is an extremely serious mistake in our history, "Kah Walla suggested. The situation must not continue because it risks creating a new source of tension because Cameroon is the victim of violent conflict in 6 out of 10 regions. "The last thing Cameroon needs is the radicalization of a political movement".

Faced with the worsening of the situation, she called on all Cameroonians to dress in black as a sign of support for arrested MRC activists and the populations of the North and Southwest.