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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Kamto's detention: Felix Tsisekedi's lesson to Paul Biya

While in Cameroon, presidents of political parties, their allies and activists and supporters are locked up and their executioners promoted to posts, while the army fires on protesters with bare hands who are subsequently abducted on beds of hospitals and deportees in Yaoundé, the Democratic Republic of Congo with its new president Félix TSHISÉKÉDI gives a lesson of democracy to Cameroon.

It was yesterday during a press briefing, the son of Étienne TSHISEKEDI expressed his need to establish a true democracy in his country. Thus, he revealed that three colonels, who had ordered shooting at protesters shortly after his election, were arrested and will be tried. He promised the release of all the political prisoners and the closing of the dungeons where the opponents were locked up.

He stressed that opponents have the right to walk and will be supervised by law enforcement and the state media will be open to them. He subsequently ordered all opposition parties to hold their meetings without arrests or intimidation by the police.

A beautiful democratic lesson that speaks to the country of sub-Saharan Africa such as Cameroon, Congo, Chad, Togo etc.