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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Kamto Arrested: Here's Why the US Keeps Silence

While the Cameroonian opponent Maurice Kamto was arrested almost ten days ago, the reactions of Western capitals are waiting. The DW tries to understand the reasons for this silence.

For nearly ten days, the Cameroonian opponent Maurice Kamto is imprisoned with dozens of his relatives. The accusations of rebellion, incitement to insurrection or hostility to the homeland that weigh on him could, if sentenced, send him to prison for a very long time. In the face of a regime that represses its opposition, the international community remains silent - and the contrast is striking with, for example, the mobilization around Venezuela.

The weight of France

The silence of Western capitals in the face of the political crisis in Cameroon can be explained first of all by the lack of reaction from France. The former colonial power remains indeed the first economic partner of Yaoundé. The situation could therefore change if France initiated a political discussion on Cameroon within the United Nations, or proposed a resolution to the Security Council.

There is also Germany and the United Kingdom which have historical ties with Cameroon. But Berlin and London will not move without France. In any case, this is what Patrick MBoyo, a researcher at Paris Saclay University and a specialist in Central Africa, believes. "This is a confusing situation in Cameroon that may explode at any time," he said.

"Let this happen, it is not doing service in Cameroon and Paul Biya, who is at dusk of his power, has nothing to lose today, that Cameroon implodes after him or at the end of his term. " Patrick MBoyo believes that it is the Cameroonians who will lose a lot and the countries of the region will suffer.

Strategic interests

For its part, Jean-Claude Shanda Tomne, of the Independent Commission against corruption and discrimination in Cameroon, sees the political situation in Cameroon as the result of strategic interests. Cameroon is certainly engaged in the fight against terrorism and Paul Biya continues to have strong links with many European leaders. In spite of all the strategic interest of Cameroon remains of second order for the big powers.
"We are not Venezuela, we are not Iraq, we are not Syria,

we are just what we can call the pre-square or the continuity of French colonial territory," he said. there."In addition, these countries have their own problems, capitalism is in crisis, it has always been so because we are undoubtedly at the heart of many geopolitical and geostrategic articulations that make it impossible for the planning of the tutelary powers." may not be time yet, or they have no suitable alternatives to deal with the case of Cameroon

Maurice Kamto "right in his boots"

While waiting for the international community to look into the political crisis in Cameroon, Maurice Kamto remains Jailed by the DW, one of the lawyers of Maurice Kamto recognizes having seen his client on Tuesday morning, "for a little over half an hour."

According to Emmanuel Simh, the Cameroonian opponent who is still not charged remains "staying straight in his boots" to deal with accusations he calls "blatant."