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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Kamto Arrested: Bamileke Youth Threatens

The Bamileke youth spoke after the indictment yesterday of the president of the MRC, Maurice Kamto who is a Bamileke son.

Below is their reaction:

The year two thousand and nineteen and the 13th of the month from 06:00 to 15:00, was held on our various virtual platforms Watsapp which gather tens of thousands of members, an extraordinary general meeting of the children of Bamileke parents named: YOUTH BAMILEKE OF CAMEROON AND ABROAD (JBCE).

Only one item was on the agenda: The imprisonment of the political leader Maurice KAMTO by some elite elite because he is Bamileke.

After discussion it was unanimously noted that:

1-A certain elite tribe beneficiary of the mismanagement of the regime of the one they call "their brother BIYA", decided to arrest Professor Maurice KAMTO in order to punish and intimidate the entire Bamileke tribe considered very critical of what they call their power.

2 -All the chain of people who made the arrests of Professor Maurice KAMTO and militants of the MRC, starting with the police and gendarmes, passing through the investigators to the Commissioner of the Government of the Yaoundé military court, which is headed by the Director of Military Justice and the Minister of Defense are more than 95% from the tribal group beti.

3- During the presidential campaign, the Bamileke traditional chiefs, who were forced by the Betiti securocrats, were forced to show off by making statements or statements to the effect that they would give no support to their brother Maurice KAMTO, whereas such acts had not been observed with the traditional authorities of the other candidates.

4- During this same presidential campaign, and well after a television channel based in Yaounde and whose promoter is a beti profiteer of the system, supported by intellectuals of beti origin, undertook to present Professor Maurice KAMTO as the candidate of Bamileke; the goal is to isolate the Bamileke people and generate from the other tribes of Cameroon hate and rejection of the Bamileke.Unfortunately, for these power tribalists, the other tribes of Cameroon have not lent themselves to this game.

5- Since the end of the presidential election, Bamileke traders operating in the cities of Yaoundé and South Boulogne regularly receive threats of destruction of their property if the MRC came to organize marches of protest of the victory of Paul BIYA. It is important to remember that during the period of the dead cities, the Bamileke had already been expelled from the towns of Sangmelima and Ebolowa while elsewhere the other compatriots protected them. It took a strong organization of Bamileke youth in Yaoundé to avoid attacks on their brothers in the capital.

6- In the social networks the biggest activists and the most numerous who call for exclusion and the genocide Bamileke are essentially of the Beti tribe: Narcisse Mbarga, Alain Julles Menye, Marie Paule Paule, His majesty Eteme ... Anti-Bamileke Forums like: I speak only beti and many others spend their days distilling messages of hatred and intimidation against the Bamileke.

7- The CRTV, Public television channel directed by a national beti gave free tribune to a national of the West MOMO Jean De Dieu, named Minister delegate to the justice, to announce the risks of a genocide Bamileke if Bamileke continued to want to access power. These are thinly veiled threats to silence any impulse of a Bamileke child to access power after BIYA.This clearly shows that these profito-situationist betis aspire to retain power after the departure of Paul BIYA aging.

Faced with these anti-Bamileke conspiracy findings: Bamileke Youth taking the Cameroonian people to witness demand:

The immediate release of Professor Maurice KAMTO and the militants of the MRC because the undisclosed goal of their arrest is the intimidation of the Bamileke.

Reassure, the people beti especially the small people abandoned but victim of anti Bamileke manipulations that they have no problem with them.

Praise the attitude of the other tribes of Cameroon who refuse to get involved in this anti-Bamileke tribal hatred organized and built by the darkness of the plans of their authors.

The President FOMEN Yves (USA)

The rapporteur KITIO HERVE (Italy)

assisted by the Secretary General: Hildegarde KUNGNE (Cameroon)