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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Judicial Police: Director Denies Me Simh access to Meet Michelle Ndoki

24 hours after her abduction in Cameroon on Tuesday in a city where she had withdrawn to heal her wounds following the shooting by "police bullets" of the police during the demonstrations of January 26, the Cameroonians are still without news of the intrepid lawyer and senior executive of the Movement for the Renaissance Movement of Cameroon.

The fear of a probable assassination of Michèle Sonia Martine Ndoki was growing in the Cameroonian population on Wednesday, especially since before the events of January 26, threats of physical liquidation in the context military police were insinuated by elements of the repressive forces loyal to the regime.

This fear eased, however, following a statement issued in the early afternoon by his classmate and lawyer, Emmanuel Simh, 3rd Vice-President of the MRC who said, went to the Judicial Police from Yaounde where she would have been detained since last night, but where she was formally forbidden to get in touch with her comrade and sister

"NDOKI Michèle: Arrested, but invisible", wrote on this subject Me Emmanuel Simh, who relates:

"I return to the Directorate of the Judicial Police in Yaoundé. The Director confirmed that my colleague and comrade was arrested and placed in custody last night without my specifying either the circumstances or the reasons.

At my request to meet her, I was told that this is not possible at the moment, even the place of her detention was not indicated to me".

A news that, if it allows to remove a little bit the possibility of a physical elimination of the so-called Amazon MRC, does not leave doubtful about the fate that would have been made subsequent to his abduction by the resolute hired assassins of Biya.

If she was not "massacred" by the elements committed after her who finally found her (who had worked hard to find her after her interview at France 24) and put in a state where it would be inappropriate for the regime of presenting it to the public, how does one explain that Me Michèle Ndoki can not even meet her lawyer, supposing that she is alive? Would Ms. Ndoki have received other "regulatory bullets" from the regime's forces during her kidnappings, so much so that the latter-who also wanted to keep the place of her detention secret until a indiscretion reveals it to his comrades-do not want it to be seen as it is?