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Monday, February 4, 2019

Jean de Dieu Momo makes revelations about the elections of 1992 and 2018

Jean de Dieu Momo
Invited in the recording studios of the Cameroonian national television (CRVT), as part of the program News Hebdo, the president of PADDEC, Me Jean de Dieu Mono, under the moderation of Ibrahim Cherif, returned to the events that have marked the socio-political environment in Cameroon in recent weeks.

These included the events of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) and breakages perpetrated in the Cameroonian diplomatic missions of Paris and Berlin.

In essence, it appears that:

For the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice Keeping Seals, the claims and actions of the MRC are part of a logic of seizure by force set in motion since the 1960s. Indeed, he ensures that, at Contrary to what is universally acknowledged by public opinion, the leader of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), John Fru Ndi, did not win the elections in 1992, a truth he would have learned during these elections. research. According to Jean de Dieu Momo, already at that time, Professor Maurice Kamto was a shadow actor, in charge of a project destabilizing Cameroon to wrest power from the hands of HE Paul Biya. He thus drew a parallel between the movement of the "stolen elections" of 1992 and the "electoral hold-up" of 2018, to show that in reality, these two claims are the threads of a project well developed for years by the national president of the MRC, who came out of the shadows for the light.

The international lawyer then invited "his Bamileke brothers" not to be trapped by tribalism as desired by the MRC, but to be actors of living together Cameroon, to put Bamileke dynamism, Bami Power at the service of the emergence of Cameroon.

From his remarks, we also remember that his reversal of the jacket was consecutive to his awareness of manipulations fomented by the Cameroonian opposition and work little known by the citizens carried out by the President of the Republic. According to him, electoral fraud in Cameroon is a purely mental invention and Maurice Kamto knows he did not win the elections.