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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Imprisonment of Kamto: Paul Biya becomes Unstable

A civilized society can not allow to trivialize a culture of political crime made of arbitrary arrests and detentions of real opponents in the name of the "fight against terrorism" or for "rebellion", "insurrection" and "hostility against the fatherland Massacres of civilians, especially Anglophone populations, with a Cameroonian people kept in complete destitution and placed under a lead screed and secure and repressive permanent.

For much less than this, Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro regime is now isolated by the major Western powers, and its main opponent, Juan Guaido, who has proclaimed himself "president" - as Maurice Kamto in Cameroon - officially recognized by them.

In addition, insidiously spreading ethnic hatred against the backdrop of an anti-Semitism and a tribalism assumed as do the dignitaries, academics, and even the celebrities close to the power of Yaounde.. militate now for the firmness of the international community, with an immediate and definitive isolation of Cameroon from the concert of nations, including by private experts of Israeli nationality who cooperate with him in matters of security and defense.

For they bring to private dictator Paul Biya the moral and international guarantee necessary to perpetuate his system of terror with complete impunity in Cameroon.

That's enough!

Committee on the Release of Political Prisoners - CL2P

Reporter: CL2P