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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Here are the places of detention of Maurice Kamto and others

"Mr. PENDA EKOKA is kept in custody at the SED (State Secretariat for Defense, it is the National Gendarmerie of Cameroon) with some people, such as DJAMEN Celestin and NGANKAM Pierre Gaétan who were kidnapped in their bed during their treatment. for serious injuries resulting from the shooting provoked by the police, at the beginning of the white march of January 26, 2019 in Douala.

Apart from Mr. PENDA EKOKA who was able to be assisted by a lawyer during his hearing, all other detainees in the SED have not been able to benefit from the right to a lawyer and are even more in a situation of total isolation from the forbidden police station. All access, even to lawyers, to this place that belongs to the rest of the secondary prison status. Note that all these people are deprived of medical care despite the alarming state of health of many of them and the family visits.

In Yaounde and on January 26, 2019, 17 (17) protesters or alleged protesters were arrested and taken to the city's No. 1 central police station, including MM. Paul Eric KINGUE and ABE ABE Gaston dit Valsero. These two opinion leaders were transferred to the GSO, while the others were sentenced to 12 remand in Kondengui Central Prison in Yaoundé on January 31, 2019. They appeared at the hearing for the first time. flagrant violations of 1 February 2019 before the case was postponed to 15/02/2019 despite the presence of lawyers and the statement of defendants who said they were ready to defend themselves. They are being prosecuted for gathering, group rebellion and illegal protest.

On 28 January 2019, while he was trying to find the leader of his party deported to Yaoundé, Professor Alain FOGUE TEDOM was invited to report to the central police station No. 3 where he will be detained without notice transferred to the GSO where he went on a hunger strike with several other detainees.

With regard to MM. Paul Eric KINGUE (former campaign manager of KAMTO Maurice) and ABE ABE (known as Valsero, opinion leader), it is worth mentioning that the 1st was stopped in front of the supermarket DOVV on January 26, 2019 before the start of the white market and more than 02 km from the place of the demonstration while the 2nd did not participate in the march. "

Excerpt from the report of the lawyers on the violations of the rights of people arrested and deported to Yaoundé.

The following: The cases of other detainees.

Friends circulate this everywhere tagging the communication services of Western governments. Send in the Facebook and WhatsApp great personalities or close to certain personalities. Targue all human rights organizations or send this to your friends who work there. The president-elect told us that the force is in the head.So let our brains work and he will know that we listen to him and follow him.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt