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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Has Cabral Libii participated in the arrest of Maurice Kamto?

The Cybernetic Media, 'The 4th Power', understands that the leader of the 11 million citizens' movement, Cabral Libbi, "took part in a preparatory meeting for the arrest of the national president of the MRC, Professor Maurice Kamto, and the others activists of his party ". A statement swept away by Armand Okol, close to Cabral Libii and responsible for his communication in the last presidential election.

Below the reaction of Armand


It's crazy what some enlightened can be ridiculous and despicable. A year and a half they see the ghost of Cabral Libii in their dreams, including the wildest. It's as if the boss of "11 Million Citizens" is really their pet peeve as evidenced by screenshots that have leaked.

The day after the arrest of theirs, they shouted on all roofs, stigmatizing and painting vitriol our leader on the grounds that it had not reacted according to their whims and timing. What did not you hear then, tons of nonsense.

The reaction of the Hurricane condemning unreservedly these administrative cascades in cascades and demanding the unconditional release of these compatriots only hours after then took them all by surprise and routed them all.Now suffering from a chronic and irreversible paranoia, a new gross and grotesque lie floods the canvas and the cottages, in the Machiavellian objective of finding absolutely the scapegoat of what falls on their head.

Instead of drawing lessons from the mistakes and mistakes they have accumulated day after day, to understand once and for all that the manipulation of opinion and the masses is ephemeral, they persist and sign in slush in an abject and laughable way.

And as ridicule no longer kills us, they have forgotten that the one they permanently designate as the main cause of all their misfortunes was described yesterday as beggar, pawn, novice, inexperienced, tourist and what do I know yet.

No consistency at the finish. Because no one can not be useless at the same time but have such a great power of nuisance as to influence, what do I say to have the power to order the arrest of the 2nd official in the presidential election and to all his clique.

Sometimes, we want to be quiet for fear of appearing for people who are happy about the misfortunes of others already endured or potential, instinct of solidarity requires, but very honestly face the rabid whose slander free in perpetuity is a kind of opium, we come to wonder...

Armand Okol