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Friday, February 8, 2019

Exposed: the hidden reasons for Biya's attacks against the Bamileke

Cameroon President

The old man whose reign over Cameroon reaches the end excelled in using tribalism to scare, distract and subdue the ethnic groups that inhabit Cameroon.

At the end of his life, this Machiavellian player feels guilty, alone and obsessed with his legacy. By centralizing all the powers, by tracing back to Yaoundé all the financial wealth produced by all the regions of this country, he looted and enjoyed with his accomplices and generously spread poverty all over the country. Discontent roars everywhere, like a volcano and threatens to carry off its regime.

The withdrawal of the CAN because of embezzlement and the war in Ambazonia has knocked him out when a stubborn and popular candidate still contests his grossly fraudulent victory in the presidential election of October 2018. To divert attention, hide these multiple failures it was necessary to find a scapegoat. The designated culprit is the Bamileke!

By appointing in his plethoric government a hungry and ruined lawyer charged with insulting the community of which he is from, the dictator can sneer and rub his hands of cynical pleasure . The same logic led to the appointment of a hated "anglophone" to deny and conceal the existence of the "francization" of the Anglo-Saxon culture of this region that makes the regime live thanks to the oil of Bakassi.

To divide the family of the one who had offered him the presidency and to make forget the imprisonment of Marafa, he relied on two old putschists of 1984. It can thus use them to corrupt the traditional chiefs who organize the electoral frauds.He thus thinks to make forget the misery of the populations and the massacres of the putschist élites of 1984 originating from this region, thanks to the rivalries that he creates everywhere, to reign in peace.

The Bulu-Beti people are ranked among the poorest in this country, but their elites, who are in the majority in all the governments of the tyrant, enjoy scandalously with their leader, accusing the Bamileke of being their tormentors.False profiles are paid to go on social networks distilling hatred against Kamto and his western brethren.

Meanwhile, those responsible for the fake purchase of fake Chinese computers and the plundering of CAN funds are being rewarded and ceaselessly working to occupy the presidential seat with a disguised coup d'etat.

Cameroonians live together and suffer together but do not eat together. Their leaders create and use tribalism to hide their diversions and failures.

Reporter: Georges ATANGANA