Saturday, February 9, 2019

During a festive evening, Coco Emilia and Nathalie Koah fight themselves and the video went viral

The hatchet is now planted between Nathalie Koah and Coco Emilia. From a well-introduced source, the two women fought last night during a festive party organized on the occasion of the birthday of Alexandre Mbiam, a well-known Cameroonian businessman.

During this evening where many artists and showbiz personalities took part including KO-C, Moustik the Karismatik, Kola Sucre, the beautiful party was quickly transformed into a pugilist scene. According to the testimony, Nathalie Koah allegedly slapped Coco Emilia. A slap that put the so-called Biscuit de Mer in all its states. She decided to react in turn. Fortunately, the other guests intervened so that the confrontation does not go further.

It must be said that the two young women have a strong rivalry for some time. No doubt it was already unbearable to the point where they decided to come to blows.

In the video that circulates on social networks, we can barely see the two Cameroonians come to blows with excited witnesses who film them. But the clash did not stop at the festive birthday party. He continued between the two women on social networks.

"You even did it I soiled my fingers while touching you. There are also too many separators. I was going to chew you. A birthday squatter like this. Myself I want the video where I was slapped and where I fell. Activate the forgiveness media". released Biscuit de Mer on Snapchat.

For its part, Nathalie Koah split with a video where she simulates a pair of slap with the caption "Ouch! The pain of that! "