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Monday, February 4, 2019

CONFIDENTIAL: France prepares political transition in Cameroon

Cameroon president and French Diplomat

With a natural and human potential for double-digit growth, Cameroon is struggling to reach a 4% growth rate despite the billions of dollars invested in infrastructure projects since 2007.

This underperformance is the result of inertia. , corruption and embezzlement that are characteristic of the Paul Biya regime, 86 years in power for 36 years.

Twice the most corrupt country in the world according to Transparency International's ranking, Cameroon's withdrawal from the organization of CAN 2019 is indicative of the regime's level of corruption and incompetence. The hypercentralization of power, corruption and misappropriation of public funds have created frustrations that will ultimately produce what is now called the Anglophone crisis.

The formation of the new government a few weeks ago testifies to the abandonment of power by Biya to a small group of individuals, courtiers brandishing the tenant of Etoudi as a sacrificial lamb, white-seing to plunder the country.

The way in which one gains power is one thing, and exercising it is quite different.

When in 1982 Ahmadou Ahidjo passed over power by mutual agreement to President Biya, he did not imagine for one second that he would become the first victim of the new regime. Paul Biya came to power with popular legitimacy to the extent that the populations victims of the bloody dictatorship of Ahidjo and France, wanted a new man.

"A presidential election in 1982, Paul Biya would not even be a candidate" explains Bogne.J before stating that Paul Biya has a phobia for the competition. "He used impunity and corruption by state means to neutralize all its political opponents, including the regime's caciques who have long dreamed of a transfer of service.

Several of the regime's clergy, including a candidate in the last presidential election, dreamed of a transfer of power. The opposition leader had long believed that the president would be grateful for the services provided by his father, especially in the current context with the Anglophone crisis.

His first disappointment was after the announcement of Paul Biya's candidacy, his tone changed and he became more radical until the regime's steamroller bent on him. He had made a curious and revealing statement, "If they have fun, I have all their files, I'm going to swing them," hence the reaction of Internet users wondering why it would hide useful information for the people. After the last minute coalition, he broke away from the group.

Maurice Kamto is a character with nationalist impulses, his fight for equality and justice, for national sovereignty is very badly perceived by Paris who will spare no effort to remove him from power.

A few months before the presidential election, Macron's adviser, Ségolène Royale, a former minister in Cameroon, defeated Paul Biya's Nde campaign wearing the party uniform. An interference that had been denounced on the web by Internet users.

While in 2011, Paris had criticized the candidacy of Paul Biya for the presidential election considering that it was so much that it leaves, the same France during the elections of 2019 imposed a media blackout on excesses, irregularities and rights violations. of the Man. In secret, the Elysee Palace congratulated the victory proclaimed Paul Biya following an electoral hold up. Emmanuel Macron's letter congratulating Biya has never been published on the Elysée website.

Clearly, France wanted to pass Paul Biya and subsequently control his estate. The Paris blackout on the Anglophone crisis was part of its logic to protect the Biya regime, Macron had said support the rejection of the Biya regime's inclusive dialogue.

Towards a transition OTC controlled by France

Imposing a leader is a matter of power between the different parties, the international community will simply take action.

On January 16, 2001 early in the afternoon, Désiré Kabila was murdered in his residence, he had just canceled a trip to Cameroon. His son will take power under mysterious circumstances and the international community has taken note.Kabila had no popular legitimacy, but progressive control over the institutions allowed him to choose his successor.

According to several well-informed sources, France would hesitate on three personalities including a woman for an OTC transition. Paris's main concern is to secure its interests and to have control over the leaders, no matter who takes power, regardless of whether they are the same ministers gravediggers of the republic.

A scenario would be in preparation between President Biya and the Elysee, hence the many unjustified missions Le Jeune Mbella Minister of Foreign Relations in France. By imposing a successor on Biya, Paris will arrange to bring the international community to take note of the presence of a new leader who probably lead the country to a simulacrum of political transition through the ballot box.

During his last meeting in Douala, Maurice Kamto told the crowd that the international community would never change in place of Cameroonians, this community will simply act and accompany the people to peace. It is therefore up to Cameroonians to take their destiny in hand through a strong mobilization to block the road to this imposture that wants to impose France.

'' The Cameroonian people must prepare for a confrontation no doubt violent with France, the Cameroonians fought for independence in this country, it is not in 2019 that we will let France define our destiny '' Epaphrase Hol door -speak of movement It's the Moment.