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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Col Didier Badjeck denies the assassination of General Bouka Dobekreo

A rumor circulated on Wednesday, February 13, announcing the death of the Coordinator of the BIR Brigadier General Bouba Dobékréo killed in an ambush of separatists in Lebialiem. The army goes to the crenel and brings a disclaimer on this information.

"Information on the death of General Bouba is circulating at this time of which I would be attributed paternity. While finding this joke in very bad taste, please consider this information as a Fake, "Colonel Badjeck wrote today on his Facebook page.

Bouba Dobekreo was promoted to brigadier general on 13 August 2015, before being promoted the next day to head the command of the first sector of the multinational mixed force. Previously, he held the position of general coordinator of the Rapid Intervention Battalions (Bir), the elite unit of the Cameroonian army in charge of effectively combating organized crime. He was born on February 14, 1958 in Dschang. After primary studies in Garoua and secondary in Douala, Garoua and Yaoundé, he enrolled in the Faculty of Law and Economics at the university, before joining the Joint Military School (Emia) in 1983.

On his release, he was appointed chief of the section of the 222nd combat company in Bafoussam, then commander of the first Bir de Maroua. In 2004, he was second in command of the Third Rapid Response Battalion, then second in command of the Bir in 2005 and commander of the 62nd Motorized Infantry Battalion (BIM) in 2009. He successfully participated in several military operations such as Operation Alpha in the Far-North Region and Operation Delta in Bakassi. General Bouba Dobekreo is married and has five children.