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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Chaos in Cameroon: 32nd AU summit addresses Kamto-Biya conflict

It is this Saturday, February 9 that opens in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia the 32nd summit of the African Union. The great conclave that brings together African heads of state on the theme "The Year of Refugees, Returnees and Displaced Persons: for Sustainable Solutions to Forced Displacement in Africa".

The summit, which ends on Monday, and Cameroon is represented by its new Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, will in all likelihood look at the post-election crisis that has shaken Cameroon since the proclamation, on October 22, 2018, of the results of the election.

presidential election in Cameroon marked by the re-election of outgoing President Paul Biya. A re-election that had - and continues to be - contested by his main challenger, Maurice Kamto, detained at the GSO, (antiterrorist unit of the Cameroonian police) since January 28, and a good skewer of his allies and comrades, including former President Biya's technical adviser Christian Penda Ekoka, former ruling party deputy Albert Dzongang, former ruling party mayor Paul Eric Kingué, and musician Serval Abe, alias General Valsero all incarcerated.

This is the place to recall that in November, shortly after the swearing in of President Biya, Maurice Kamto, in his capacity as "president-elect" (self-proclaimed) made the trip to Addis Ababa on November 16, to plead with his "peers" heads of state, his idea of ​​a recount of the votes of the presidential controversial with the assistance of a neutral entity, to restore the truth of the polls.

On his return to Cameroon on November 19, he had not been very forthcoming about the results of his trip, but had been anxious to reassure his supporters of their positive character. It will be learned a few days later that Professor Kamto's meeting with officials of the specialized organs of the regional organization had given rise to tempting proposals for him, as was the AU's attempt to convince the President Biya to establish a position of vice-president of the republic which Maurice Kamto was to hold until the next presidential election, but that compromise likely to relegate to the Greek deadline the real fight to break the truth of the polls had not enchanted the person concerned, who had immediately rejected him. Noting that, the African Union authorities had proposed that the consideration of its request for the recount of votes be postponed to the ordinary session of the AU, which begins on 19 January, it being understood that the special session of November The only item on the agenda was the reform of the organization's texts.

session of February 9, 10 and 11 take the gamble to fly to the aid of a Cameroon in crisis by examining the request for Kamto, now that the Cameroonian authorities, anticipating this eventuality have sequestered Maurice Kamto and threaten him - through opinions and press articles interposed with the death penalty, for a crime of sacking the embassies he did not commit, and Who according to some indiscretions, would rather be the result of an assembly of the strategists of the government to put their opponent in delicacy with the law? Nothing is less certain, given the usual wait-and-see attitude of the African Union, but hope is not forbidden, when we know that things are beginning to move seriously on the side of this continental organization which has not instituted the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (CADEG) placed under the supervision and control of the Peace and Security Council, a body based on the model of the UN Security Council of the African Union in charge of to execute the decisions of the African Union, just to make them a fan to frighten birds.