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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Cameroon: this is how Paul Biya missed the Nobel Peace Prize

On February 10, 2019 on Equinoxe Television, this activist from the ruling party has magnified the action of his champion and minimizes the impact of the reduction of US military aid to Cameroon.

Jean Baptiste Atemengue was on one of the guests of the Equinoxe television program Droit de réponse on February 10, 2019. The CPDM activist unreservedly defended the action of his party's president, Paul Biya. Called to react to the reduction of US military aid to Cameroon, he replied that a reduction of US $ 9 billion in military aid "is not very important". He understands that American politics is the work of lobbies, finds that there is a strong lobby of Cameroonians of origin that is against Cameroon in the US Congress.Atemengue comes to wonder if it is still patriotism.

Jean-Baptiste Atemengue turned to the opposition, guilty in his eyes of having provoked measures such as that of reducing the military aid of the United States. He accused the MRC of painting Paul Biya and his regime in black to justify what he calls "your violence and fascism."

This, he continues, "is not going to take away credibility and respect such as, at one time, it has been referred to as a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. He is someone who is known as non-violent by his works at the African level and at the international level by the solution he has always advocated for all the conflicts that we ourselves have had or outside our national territory ", assures Mr. Atemengue.