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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Cameroon President of Transparency International resigns

In office since December 2006, renewed unanimously by the 2017 General Assembly, his letter of departure, which APA was able to consult, does not explain the reasons for his capitulation at mid-term.

Joined by telephone, Charles Nguini justified his decision by a need for rest: "I am for social mobility, and would like to do something else. I had already told my office that I was not sure of finishing my term. I am also the first to introduce the limitation of mandates in the executive of TI-Cameroon, which I apply first."

The magisterial of this auxiliary of justice, it is noted, was shaken recently by a case of seven false electoral observers for the presidential election of October 7, presented by the national television as agents of this NGO, an unusual presence in Cameroonian land that provoked a vigorous reaction from TI-Cameroon's president.

In addition to this incident, sources close to the NGO also mention a lot of harassment, attempts at infiltration or scuttling carried out in recent months by Yaounde regime's pundits.