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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cameroon: Paul Biya niece accused of embezzlement of 285 million

The woman you see here is Cathy Meba'a.She is Paul Biya's niece. Daughter of Pierre Meba'a, the little brother of Paul Biya.

Cathy Meba'a, in the company of other lugubrious people such as Marie Paule, Eone Eone Hervé Simon Allias Amer Kmer (the close friend of Kouagne Kerosene) Narcisse Mbarga, Alain Jules Menye Me Mve decide to set up the Anti Tontinards Brigade to fight the Bamileke. They will also openly call for the destruction of property Bamileke and ask the people of Yaounde to buy matches. In their madness, they do not stop there.

Two ministers of the Republic recently made a trip to France to refine the strategy (I will give the names do not worry). The project is exposed. One of them will also pay a sum of nearly 25,000 euros, about 17 million. This is how they will organize themselves to launch their activities using an association called: MODEPA. A trip to Cameroon under the supervision of senior officials of the Republic. Let's stop for a moment.

This is a country already at war with our English brothers. A country under high tension. Where members of a government decide to finance with the state money, the taxpayer. That is to say, all Cameroonians, the activities of a few individuals who call for the extermination of the Bamileke, that is to say a part of Cameroonians. You have to be sick to accept this type of thing. Let's go on.

This brigade, which claims to speak for the Beti-Bulu, disembarks and meets senior officials of the Republic. Cathy Meba'a uses her interpersonal skills to give them all the facilities including a press conference. In the name of Paul Biya, 285 million CFA francs will be released. But the sharing of the cake goes wrong and it's war.

Cathy Meba'a and her friend Georges Meka are now accused by their accomplices of having diverted this money. President Amot had already disassociated himself from this group last Sunday in a statement on his Facebook page.

Ivorians often say: what are you starting there are you going to finish? This is unacceptable. Who are you to speak on behalf of Beti-Bulu. To the ministers of Biya your names will come out but in the meantime go give the money to kill their Bamileke brothers. Go for it. Only time allows men to govern themselves, wrote Lamartine.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt