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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: one policeman killed, four injured today

Simultaneous attacks took place today in Mbiame and Bafut, one policeman killed, four policemen injured, balance sheet recorded.

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Simultaneous attacks took place today in Mbiam and Bafut in the departments of Bui and Mezam according to information received by our editors.

As a result, one policeman was killed and four policemen wounded. On the separatist side, a separatist was killed.The separatists launched an attack on the gendarmerie brigade of Mbiame around 7:30 am, wounding 3 gendarmes.

EDOU injured himself around the testicles.LEAP suffered a broken hand. JEAN AUGUSTINE wounded in the left arm. A separatist killed and a rifle seized.

In Bafut, Constable WAMBO was killed while GAKOUNDOU was wounded.