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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Defense forces spotted helping people

Despite the conflict between armed groups and security and defense forces with negative effects in the two English-speaking regions, traces of military aid are still evident in the South West region.

About nine years ago, the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) donated a medical ambulance for public emergencies to the population of Limbe.

The BIR signed an agreement with the Regional Hospital of Limbe, stipulating that the donation was part of its civil-military actions in favor of the population.

The donation of an ambulance of 50 million CFA would have served the local population so far in case of need.

They have also provided valuable assistance through their health units in Buea, Mamfe and Tombel, where both military personnel and the general public are looked after.

With regard to construction, the military engineering corps constructed about 80 houses without bungalows for voluntary fishermen in Isangele and Bakassi.

In the same perspective, they carried out major repairs on the difficult terrain of Mundemba-Isangele-Akwa and made them passable in all seasons.

In the field of education, the BIR has often donated school furniture in the Bakassi region to promote the education of young Cameroonians.