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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ambazonia: terrible revelations about the missing mayor of Babessi surfaces

His name is Chuo Issa. He is mayor of the municipality of Babessi (division of Ngo-ketunja, in the North-West region). In recent months, he has been singled out by the people as godfather of a horde of ferocious gangsters claiming to represent one of Ambazonia's secessionist armed groups, but oddly anonymous.

True or false ? Difficult to say exactly, the regime has committed the fault of having been able to meet the main mis en cause, who would also have deserted his city of residence- because of an important meeting in Yaounde, according to his relatives; to escape the rumbling anger of people who discovered that he was the cause of their misfortunes, according to his critics.

However, according to critics whose unanimous and concordant version is not (yet) denied by the mayor's relatives, it would be behind an armed gang made up of many elements carrying out regularly, almost daily, kidnappings (including women and children) whose release is conditional on the payment of large ransoms, financial or otherwise.

It is the case of the cattle breeders (non-indigenous) of the Mbororo and Bamoun ethnic groups of the municipality of Babessi, privileged targets of the kidnappers in the pay of the mayor, who claim membership of a so-called liberation army of an English-speaking people, hitherto unknown to the battalion of the many separatist armed groups, whose action boils down to the taking of hostages among the populations.

Our sources say that once a breeder is kidnapped, the kidnappers sometimes claim between 2 and 5 million people to release him, according to their knowledge of the importance or not of the herd of the victim, knowing that this one in general or his family, unable to dispose of this sum in cash, will offer a roughly equivalent compensation in head of cattle and cows, between 6 and 15 head of cattle.

The ransom is then discreetly passed on to the mayor who integrates it into his flock to enrich it. The wick would have been sold by a breeder of the same ethnicity as the mayor, residing in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, known for hosting the largest breeders. It served as an indication to the mayor for the identification of the most stocked herds and perforation at will. It turns out that after a huge raid, false false "separatists of the mayor", the latter, a little too greedy, did not want to give him his quota of oxen accepted, arguing that he had to give a good the administrative authorities of the district headquarters at the regional level who have been informed of the project and who may be upset at not receiving their share of the remains. The accomplice of the sponsoring mayor "Ambazoniens" version brigandage would have understood later that it was not the case and would have sold the wick by confidant interposed.  What learning, the head of the village Babessi was eager to go to the meeting of the mayor to advise him to abandon these criminal practices under pain of curse of the ancestors of which he is the successor. An opinion that rather revolted the mayor who threatened him with death and who was pursued by his bandits.

After two unsuccessful abduction attempts, the village chief is now a refugee in Foumban, in the neighboring region of the West.

This is where he met last weekend with Mayor Chuo Issa of Babessi, who was passing by, and told him in front of witnesses that he was still alive and that his disappearance was only a withdrawal, because he had to return to Babessi, come what may. And this one retort him in front of witness that he only had to come back to be beaten and to pay 1.5 million euros to his "agents" - which he designated for the occasion under the name of "members of the vigilance Committee of Babessi" that the leader would have defamed by peddling gossip on their behalf and calling them hostage takers in the pay of the mayor. It was after these words of the mayor that the conversation turned into pudding water and it took a lot of trouble for the people present to end the violent exchanges of punches that the two protagonists exchanged without consideration. of their respective statutes, in a very distant city of their own.

At the time of their separation, the mayor threatened the exiled village chief to let him know hell on earth. The threats raised by the witnesses about this altercation take all the more seriously as the mayor is among his relations, with the exception of the administrative and security authorities of the North-West region who manufacture crimes and offenses. and impute them not only to that, but also to the terrible ones.The Minister of Territorial Administration, accused by some of his detractors of maintaining armed terrorist groups in the region, claiming to be separatists, with the double aim of discrediting the separatist cause that speaks English and earns money.