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Monday, February 4, 2019

Ambazonia: Terrible moment recorded in Kumba last night

Kumba, Cameroon

Thousands of people in Kumba town, in the southwestern region of Cameroon, woke up from a terrible night on Sunday, February 3, after hours of intense shooting resounded in the metropolis.

Residents from all over the city had their sleep interrupted around 2 am when the first shots exploded. While no one could decipher who and why the shooting was taking place, the direction of the shots was easy to identify.

On the outskirts of Kumba, localities such as Ekombe and Kake I were also in the firing pool. From the moment the first shots were heard, most families could not sleep, fearing the unknown.

In the Barombi neighborhood, some families confirmed Sunday morning at the National Times that they had heard gunshots. Others said they were forced to change positions for fear of stray bullets.

At dawn, road users are still worried about the nature of the shots they still receive.The echoes of several shots fired through Kumba during the night left many people wondering what the coming days could bring. Last night's shootings were among the deadliest in a short period of time after a brief period of relative peace.