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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Ambazonia: REPORT of Abductions and killings of soldiers in Fako

Colonel of the Cameroonian army reportedly supplied weapons to Secessionists

Emmanuel Mbonde was killed on February 4 in an attack by some 50 attackers in Mokunda village.

The attack took place in the early morning of Monday, February 4th. According to witnesses, about 50 assailants stormed the village Mokunda, not far from the town of Limbe, in the Fako department, Southwest region.

It is in this city that is one of the most important bases of the National Navy of Cameroon. Witnesses report the death of Emmanuel Mbonde, Marine officer, during this attack.

The secessionist fighters, say these witnesses, also kidnapped several people. They will be released later.

In Buea, still in the South-West region, armed men burst into the home of the regional delegate of the Ministry of Secondary Education. Shots fired and the delegate's vehicle was burned.